Bhitar Kanika is the second largest Mangrove ecosystem in India so unique in its bio-diversity that it has become the focus of many conservation projects and a popular tourist destination for people in search of an adventurous and exciting challenge.Located on the deltas created by three rivers and the sea in the Kendrapara district of Orissa, , you’ll get to see the mangroves guard the forest with their extending roots called pneumatophores that whisper the secrets of Bhitar Kanika’s magnificence. These roots also help the mangroves breath in the marshy waters and during the high tides when the sea comes rushing in to drown the trunks of these magnificent trees. A breathtaking sight of beauty and resilience, these mangroves supposedly floating in the encroaching sea demonstrate the ability of all living creatures to adapt to any situation however hostile it may be.Spread over a staggering 672 sq km of area, the core area within the Bhitar Kanika Wildlife Sanctuary amounting to 145 sq km was declared as the Bhitar Kanika National Park in 1998 after the sanctuary status was bestowed on this unique ecosystem in 1975.

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