About us

Travelers Club & Holidays was introduced in the year 1996. And at present, we have become one of the most popular names in the Indian tourism industry. We have set the bar for quality assistance and are constantly working on to maintain our reputation. With our expertise, it is assured that all of your tour, starting from a journey to quality accommodation is a high standard, with every penny you paid worth for. We promise to deliver you the best of services and maintain the reputation of one of the best agencies of tours and travels in Kolkata. Come to join us and live life a little more.

By successfully operating in the medium-high end of the travel industry, We have won the confidence of a highly demanding and exclusive client base. Blending the extensive network and expertise in this field, at this company we are capable of arranging tours that are characterized by the fascination of the sites, the quality of the offered services and the luxury of the accommodations offered with a great selection of locations in every tourist destination. Besides, every tour that we arrange is rich with great opportunities as well as carefully thought out.

Our team members:

At Travelers Club & Holidays, we have a team of experienced and highly-motivated team members. We consider our staff members as the most important assets, who work together as a family. Besides, at Travelers Club & Holidays, we include a strong management team, who has a strong and proven track record of growth. The team members of our company are regularly updated and trained with renewed and new travel options that are offered to the clients. We visualize that the Indian Tourism Industry can play a greater role in both inbound and outbound. And this can only be obtained with client friendliness and total quality management.

Our vision:

It is our vision to be one of the most popular travel agencies in India, offering services to every sector of the individuals and business communities. And it is also our vision to use the experience of the highly professional staff members of our company to deal with the requirements of holistic traveling for both leisure travelers and corporates.

Our mission:

We work with the mission to be passionate and driven about servicing the travel related requirements of the individuals and companies through the integrity, commitment and dedication of our competent business partners and staff members. To increase our reputation, we always attempt to deliver in the best-in-class services while forming a paradigm shift relating to travel internationally and locally.

Goals that we have:

  • To be the only choice in dealing with the travel requirements of people.
  • To offer services efficiently and quickly so that our clients become inspired by the terms of the timely service.
  • To adapt to the changing requirements of the business sectors while becoming a major service provider
    through satisfying the specialized needs of the businesses of all sizes and the individual clients
  • To offer travel packages, which are tailor-made and cost-effective to suit the requirements of a broad
    spectrum of tourists

Values that we have:

Offering services through transparency and honesty in every dealing with the clients and with the business associates.

Strategies that we follow:

The travel industry is highly competitive and to strengthen our position as a popular name in this industry, we are keen to focus on the following strategic areas:

  1. Offering superior quality services to our clients, which translate to client loyalty leading to referrals and repeat orders, which create bigger and new opportunities.
  2. Offering all the services at the most competitive rates possible.
  3. Maintaining a high performing team with professional team members, who can display competence in the field of customer orientation and can drive for the results with the best regard for the values and professional ethics.

Research is a key aspect of our services:

We can offer the best added value to people in terms of traveling, who prefer to opt for the best vacation. We have acquired this experience through several years of experience in this field along with our love for travel. Besides, these things also allow us to offer something more to our esteemed clients every time when they choose us. At Travelers Club & Holidays, we select the most exciting destinations, the most comfortable hotels, the most special itineraries for our clients with a special focus on the travel solutions designed especially for them to satisfy their specific requirements.

We offer you peace of mind:

Unwavering dedication in this field has allowed us to grow professionally in this field, so that we are often perceived by the latter as the ideal choice due to the utmost level of reliability, which we can make sure. This is the same dependability, which is appreciated everyday by people, who choose to travel with us and consider the discreet and constant assistance of our staff members. At this travel agency, we always remain mindful of the requirements of people, who choose us as their travel partner. Besides, at this company, we have a team of qualified supervisors, who look after the quality of the services offered.

Here at Travelers Club & Holidays, we have managed to offer extraordinary customer support to our clients year after year. This thing has made us one of the most lovable travel agencies in India. We consider customer satisfaction as the hallmark through which we determine the performance offered and this thing also helps us to maintain the highest quality standard in terms of offering services.

We feel really satisfied every time when we become successful in helping any of our clients by allowing them to relate to the globe in a comfortable and affordable manner. We are always committed to offer significant savings on traveling and we mostly do it by delivering our clients the access to different corners of this world in utmost style and comfort along with the necessary expertise and value.

Extensive knowledge base is one of the most vital assets that we have. Other important ones include unwavering dedication of the diverse and highly-qualified staff members and deep-rooted professionalism. The team of the travel specialists of our company shares the passion for coming up with the most inspirational know-how for every client. It needs the knowledge, a rare mix of professionalism, understanding and patience and most importantly care and creativity.

We are always committed to offer incomparable service to the clients. To reach this goal, we work with the mission to develop rewarding and successful relationships with our valued clients. Besides, we also remain committed to the basic principle that customers are not only essential for our company, but they are the main reasons for our business. Therefore, every team member of our company works genuinely to earn the trust of the much-valued clients. In this rapidly changing environment of the tourism industry, the clients want to remain more informed about their choices. And they choose us every time as their travel partner due to our integrity, dedication to quality and experience.

As we keep on growing, every day we get the chance to team up with our clients, pursue some new opportunities while improving upon the earlier period. Therefore, we develop in-depth relationships with our client on a regular basis. Our company mainly turns around the personal requirements of our consumers and therefore they are always offered the maximum value. By choosing us, our clients can embark on the voyage full of uncountable possibilities.

We pay attention to every detail:

We always pay attention to every minute detail before starting any trip. From the very moment, when someone contacts with us and inquire about any trip and we make an estimate to that moment when the travel documents are handed over to the client and then throughout the tour- we assist each of our client in every step. In fact, we try our best always to make everything safer, simpler and more pleasant.

While preparing a trip, we don’t leave anything to chance and therefore we always pay some undivided attention to every possible detail. We hand over our clients all the technical documentations like air tickets and vouchers, luggage stickers etc. and complete details about the destinations where they are traveling.

Motto that we have:

  1. Satisfying the requirements of clients: At Travelers Club & Holidays, the prime motto of our business is to satisfy the requirements of our clients. This is the thing that helps us to develop a perfect network with the travelers from different parts of this world. This is also the reason why we hold the record of numerous happy clients and we are still framing the travel requirements of new clients.
  2. Travel portal and services: At Travelers Club & Holidays, we work as a travel platform where we always attempt to exceed the expectations of our clients through complete determination and commitment. Apart from the tourist destinations, here we also offer complete information about the resorts and hotels in different tourist destinations.
  3. Offering the best quality services: We believe that it is only possible to achieve client satisfaction by investing time and quality to the services offered. Therefore, we always try to give our clients luxury and ultimate satisfaction on the basis of the traveler’s requirements. So, no matter wherever you are traveling, we can off er you the satisfied t our along with some certified travel operators.

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